Why this blog?

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I occasionally had short impulses on my official channels, Twitter, and Reddit to express my thoughts on political or similar topics. Especially Twitter and Facebook quickly lead to this because, in my opinion, they are becoming collectively more toxic. However, I often deleted such posts after a while. It just felt unprofessional and simply didn't belong to my job as a service provider.

Nevertheless, I consistently have the urge to organize my thoughts and make them public - even the thoughts which might not be related to my professional activity. After all, the profession of an artist also includes one's own personality to a certain extent. And I am just a curious little world improver. (;

I searched online for a very minimalist blogging tool and found Chyrp Lite. Luckily, I jumped over my shadow again and didn't plan to code my own system. For Tagi Books I also decided to use a ready-made system: BookStack. One has to weigh up: either invest time in creating something of your own, or use that time to find and set up an existing system. Fortunately, it's not so complex for such small things like this blogging project.

So here I am: my own little blog that I write for interested parties and, above all, for myself. Of course, I'm also looking forward to input on what else I can write about. Maybe you know me from various other channels and have always wondered how I feel about completely different topics that you don't normally hear from me. That would be super exciting for me too! However, it should remain reasonably factual. You should be able to click on Email in the menu above to send me an email.

Have fun, world!